Just about sick of the Aspie community

This has been on my mind for quite some time, months to be exact and today I just felt the need to communicate why I'm a bit ticked off in life, I might get roasted for this but I don't care, my mind will be spoken... The aspie community, not all but most of which... Continue Reading →


Mature yet immature for my age

Growing up people have always told me that I'm quite clever and wise beyond my years but also in the same breath I've been told that I can be such a child... Can you imagine?.. It's a good thing I don't take on what others think of me because most people don't even know what... Continue Reading →

Divergent – Why I don’t fit in…

 Almost every aspie, if not every, knows this horrible feeling of being an outsider in society… In an ideal aspie world I believe everyone would always include each other and make sure everyone actually feels like they’re part of the group. There would be no “alien” in the group, where you have to be around people who... Continue Reading →

Skillset – Level headed

So I like to be very observant and analytical, I also value peace and humility. One of my skills that I’m grateful for is my ability to overlook an offence, it’s not fully mastered yet but it has helped me with so much in life. So say someone has hurt or attempts to offend me... Continue Reading →

Mindset – Train Of Thought

So to explain how my train of thought works imagine an actual train which stops at various stations and the stations are of emotions, actions, ideas and random thoughts. Example: 1. Hello, good morning station, 2. Text bestfriend station, 3. Excitement station, 4. Curry station, 5. Make a gift station….. Where most people's train of... Continue Reading →

Mindset – Black & White

So with my black and white thinking pattern, anything in the grey areas will most likely confuse me and take a while for me to come to terms with.... Small Talk I despise small talk with a passion. I’ve struggled with it my whole life and it drives me insane but I’m slowly grasping how to... Continue Reading →

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