New Perspective – Patience ⌚

In this day and age of saturated instant gratification, I’ve been really craving a slow paced, relaxed tranquility into my life. This started when I realized that 80% of my anxiety was linked to impatience, and I had to take it all the way back to grandad century to retrain my patience.

If I post something on social media, I stopped checking for likes. All incoming notifications swiped until when I’M READY to check my account. If I only end up with one like, who gives a flying fadoodle, life doesn’t cease to exist if the internet collapses tomorrow.

If I send a message, I’m not checking to see if it’s seen or read (unless it’s urgent), they’ll get back to me when they get back to me. Especially when technology can be so overwhelming and with so many people suffering with mental health issues, I can understand if a person may take 5 days to reply to a 3 word sentence.

I don’t need to see whether or not a person is online, I don’t need to know where exactly the delivery driver is with my Amazon parcel.

I started writing letters, yes, snail mail, instead of hitting up distant relatives and friends on FB. I get that social media is supposed to keep people connected but it just takes the feeling out of everything.

I don’t need to have everything right here, right now, if I didn’t get to do what I wanted in the time frame that I set out to do it in, I can find something else to do in the mean time until I’m ready to try again.

When I suspect something odd, if I didn’t see it, hear it or get full factual information on it, I will not overthink it into something that it’s not.

I’d rather have a long winded, cooked from scratch meal than a quick fix in the microwave. I’d rather take my time and use a broom and a mop to clean the floors. I’d rather wash the dishes one by one, than use the dishwasher. Why?

Because it’s healthy and therapeutic.

I basically had to unlearn all the poison that were ingredients for unnecessary stress to my life and it’s changed my life for the better. Patience isn’t just about time, it’s about trust and self control and I genuinely hate the fact that we’re loosing these qualities. This lack of patience is the exact thing that widens the gap between autism, mental health, among other things and the rest of the world. Patience is a fuel for compassion, love and understanding. #unlearnthepoison

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