Mature yet immature for my age

Growing up people have always told me that I’m quite clever and wise beyond my years but also in the same breath I’ve been told that I can be such a child…

Can you imagine?..


It’s a good thing I don’t take on what others think of me because most people don’t even know what they think of themselves.

On a serious note though this doesn’t actually bother me at all, if anything, and I think I speak for many aspies when I say, I’m quite proud of the way I am.

Being able to possess qualities way older yet way younger than my biological age is probably one of the most amazing things about being an aspie. It meant that I could always easily get along and become close friends with those a lot older than I am, whilst being the children’s favourite. The only downfall was that I never really got along with most peers in my age group.

Inner Child

Most of my mornings would consist of an episode or two of either Spongebob Squarepants or Arthur. Cartoons always puts me in such a good mood and acts as a reminder to not take life too seriously.

If you want to activate an annoyingly playful, super hyper and giddy version of myself, just feed me sweets.🍬😆 Seriously, endless jokes and silliness. For. Days.

My imagination runs wild 24/7, which I think is why I’m super creative and talented in art, music and literature.

Most of my thoughts are child-like and innocent which means I never really had any prejudice against anyone, in fact I was always one of the 1st to reach out to those who were at a disadvantage in society. Also because of my child-like curious nature I’ve hardly ever judged anyone either. I’m always focused on the inner person, why they do the things they do, think the way they think and feel the way they feel, literally anyone could be my friend even those who once hated me.

So when people say that I’m so immature in a way as if to belittle/offend me, it’s just like……….really?

What ever will I do....

What ever will I do…🙄

Everyone has some level of immaturity about them because no one is perfect or is fully developed in every aspect of their life. Age doesn’t equal maturity. We’re all still learning, with unsettled dispositions and lacking certain capacities. So if you are one of those people quick to point out what’s wrong with others, I highly suggest you drink a tall glass of humble-thyself-forever-and-ever-amen 🙏

Beyond My Years

From quite a young age (about 8 yrs old) I learnt a lot that most people learnt in their mid 20’s, how to survive and take care of myself. I already knew how to budget, plan and discipline myself. I was always super organised, punctual and proactive.

I seemed so weird to the other peers my age. I rarely engaged in the conversations that most girls would normally talk about…boys, celebrities, fashion, gossip, boys. It just didn’t interest me.

I did however enjoy deep conversations about life, mind management, self improvement and growth with an older person. At 18 yrs old one of my best friends was 34 yrs old. When my peers would be out partying and doing senseless things I’d stay home and cook pasta for my siblings. Peer pressure was such a stupid thing to me and I’m so glad to this day that I never gave into it.

The transition from childhood to adulthood was a very smooth process for me because I was already mentally prepared really. I’m still waiting for this sudden shock of realization on how ‘hard life can be’…I don’t think it’ll ever come though because I already figured this from day one.

Anyway if you’re an aspie feel free to comment below about your similar experiences or just your thoughts on this topic.

Thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “Mature yet immature for my age

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  1. OMG cartoons are a must for my daughter, she also has a very young voice & did not click with any of her classmates at all. She said that they were never really on her level & she never really had time for drama or the latest gossip.
    I love how you’ve put this in such a way, because most people don’t like being thought of as immature or childish but so what. Everybody IS immature to some degree & we should just own it & not shame others for it.
    You are amazing.
    Thanks for this!

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  2. This made me smile. 😊
    People have always tried to make me feel so ashamed of myself. I am exactly like this but I could never explain it so well.
    You’re truly an inspiration xx

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  3. I love the way how you’ve explained this so well, this literally made my day. I hate when my little cousin(an aspie) gets picked on for not having grown out of his child like tendencies. Things like watching cartoons, being really playful, imaginative and naive are what makes him happy and loveable but he’s also a genius.
    It’s not fair how some people are quick to pass judgement on others by their own standards. Everyone’s lacking in something, doesn’t mean we are better than anyone.

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