Divergent – Why I don’t fit in…

 Almost every aspie, if not every, knows this horrible feeling of being an outsider in society… In an ideal aspie world I believe everyone would always include each other and make sure everyone actually feels like they’re part of the group. There would be no “alien” in the group, where you have to be around people who ignore you or treat you like an afterthought, no aspie would want to subject anyone to this terrible feeling.

When I was in school I used to wonder why my friends always preferred to hang with their other friends over me, why I was always left out and why I was always last for anything that came up. Really my life in a nutshell…

My life in a nutshell

I understand now that human beings are just genetically selfish, they’ll think of themselves 1st and others who are like them before they think about anyone else. It’s typical of society to live in social groups of similarly minded people. If it’s like them then it’s “safe” once it’s safe, it becomes the “normal”. Then anything outside of that or themselves is too “challenging”, “scary” or “weird”…..


You Can't Sit With Us

Fear of the unknown

Most people don’t even know what Aspergers is let alone know how to deal with those who have it and very few and I mean very few people will look outside of themselves to try to understand it. The rest will just go along with whatever assumptions they’ve quickly patched up and just prefer not to get involved because “it’s too much work”.

All in all I don’t believe all people are horrible and go out of their way to exclude me but at the same time hardly any effort is made to make me feel included either.

My Solution

I’ll make the effort to give them a chance to understand me, if it’s too much for them to handle then that’s fine I’ll leave them be. However if they genuinely want to understand and build from there, then atleast that’s something so far.

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3 thoughts on “Divergent – Why I don’t fit in…

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  1. This is so true, I love how it wasn’t just a rant about people being unfair but you’ve also made a solution for how you’re going to tackle it.

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  2. Wow, this made me cry…it breaks my heart seeing my daughter go through this. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings about this so others can understand what the world is like for aspies. You are truly amazing and super talented.

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