Autism Dilemma

Autism awareness is great and all but it's been such a drag lately, and when I say drag, I mean I'm so over it. For the past few months I've been stuck in between: 1). Talking about it enough so that people can get used to the fact that things aren't always as they seem... Continue Reading →


“If you’ve met one individual with autism…..

.....then you've met one individual with autism" We've all seen this phrase before and if you haven't, well now you have. It's supposed to represent diversity with countless variations among autistic individuals and yet one must ask..... How can we expect the world to accept this about us when we have trouble accepting it ourselves?... Continue Reading →

What exactly are you asking me?

You ask "how are you?", but what exactly are you asking me? Are you concerned about my current physical and mental state? Are you just asking out of routine and only really expect me to say, "I'm fine"? Do you just ask this as a way of showing you acknowledge my presence? Are you prepared... Continue Reading →

To have friends, you have to be a….

This saying that, "in order to have friends, you have to be a friend", would have you question the kind of friend you are....Even more so if you're someone on the spectrum dealing with unwritten social rules, missed cues, subtle hints and non verbals that just goes completely over your head. Although I completely agree,... Continue Reading →

5 things I’ve learned from 2017

1. Social proof/validation has a lot of power. Whether or not I cared for it, after reviewing the year 2017 I realised social validation actually has a lot of power. When people are unsure of you, they'll look to the behaviours of others towards you as an important guideline for how to treat you. Which... Continue Reading →

Verbal problems

Hey legends, sorry I've been on the longest break from my blog, but I'm back now, so you can relax your hairline and unwind. 😆☕ To jump right to it, I've always noticed how my verbal communication can sometimes be a bit off... When I posted this on Instagram, I was surprised that quite a... Continue Reading →

Story time – My diagnosis

Pre-diagnosis Ever since I could remember I've always wondered why I was so different to everyone else. I remember asking myself, was there some kind of special class or training in social rules and relationship skills that I missed out on? Or was it one of those things where you had to be born with... Continue Reading →

My Creativity vs. My Depression

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm super creative, I've always been super creative, whether it's in art, design, music or craft. It was only until about 3 years ago when I started drawing portraits of people on a regular basis than usual, I realized that my bouts of depression had got more intense. My... Continue Reading →

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